Tuesday, 17 April 2012


            This is a story of a kind hearted Mother, who indulged her children, pampered them and loved them unconditionally. When they trod on her toes, she just said "ouch" and ruffled their hair. When they hurt her with harsh words she tried very hard not to show her tears. She told them life stories - which would help them make decisions later. She told them moral stories to make them differentiate right from wrong and hence choose wisely. At each step of their way, she was there to nudge, encourage, advice and support. She was also there to warn and scold so that they knew she was serious. And when things got out of hand, she did not hesitate to discipline with whatever means possible - threats, spanks, grounding. The children, on the other hand took her for granted. They knew that when they get home, she will be there with a hot meal ready. Their clothes and things would be miraculously taken care of. She knew location of each and every of their items.
            And the child that she loved the most will hurt her the most; will be the reason for her grey hair and wrinkles, who will appreciate her least.
            But that child will be the one to miss her the most when she is not there.
            This fact stated above is about us and about our mothers. Everybody knows this or will know in their lifetime.  But the aim of this article is not laying out pathos of human motherhood but rather compare it with what our beloved mother nature must be feeling to be violated by the very children who were born through her. She tries to give us subtle and not so subtle hints but we refuse to see, refuse to listen.
            Beneath all the curtain of modernization, please let us not forget basic laws of nature. Each time you find yourself breaking one of the laws, stop and consider...............
            Everybody knows what those laws are, they are inbuilt in us. Please feel at least guilty that you compromised.


  1. We, the human being doesn't understand the real love of our mother. You have beautifully described the love and affection, what our mother do and we most of us forget to give true recognition to our mother when she need it. It's an Excellent piece, everybody should read it.