Thursday, 3 May 2012

Whooo.......... Saa ..........

            We are living in a world of extremes. Extreme stress, extreme competition, extreme frustration, or plain boredom.... of course extreme.
            Is this the world we had dreamed of? Is this the future we had imagined? What will be our children's world, it is very sad to even think.
            So when I am freaking out, ready to burst, on the edge and very nearly tearing my hair, whoo... saa.... comes to my rescue.
            Who is Whoo... Saa...., you ask. It is not a who, it is a what.
            It is a snippet from the film Bad Boys featuring Will Smith and his partner. They are cops who do the right thing, the wrong way. Their captain is a neurotic whose blood pressure shoots just by looking at them. So he does a ritual. He rubs his ears and takes a deep breath - Whooooooooooo and leaves it - Saaaaaaaaaaaa.
            Go on try it. It helps. Each time life is taking a weird turn, reign it by Whoooo Saaaa ing.  Life puts pressure on us, but it is up to us whether to bow down by it or not.
            All the best. Have a healthy heart.

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